Changes Abound at Sleepy Cat Farm

Changes Abound at Sleepy Cat Farm

Each season brings its own special quality to the property, whether it be the fresh smells of Spring, birds returning to their habitat or the myriad sequences of bloom that begin in March and continue well into Fall.

With each new season, the owner usually embarks on an ambitious project designed to spark new interest to the property. This Spring is no different, although this may be one of the most difficult projects attempted since the garden was initially conceived.

This past Winter, the owner, and  Charles Stick, our landscape architect, collaborated on a design for a large raised English style perennial border, consisting of four rectangular beds encased in wonderful stone walls and walkways constructed by our long time stone mason, Mauro Fidaleo, and his crew.

The perimeter of the gardens will be Boxwood, Hydrangea, Roses and Clematis. Inside the beds will be a mix of bulbs, herbaceous perennials and woody shrub accents.

This was formerly the site of a 24 tree fruit orchard, which has been  moved and recently expanded on the newest part of the property, which we refer to as “The Meadow”.

Stay tuned to upcoming photos of the ongoing progress of this project, as well as other new additions to the property.